Along with teaching this term, I am taking an experimental media course. It is all online, but it is a way to engage with other creative individuals and build community. Our first project was to include images of transportation, an animal, and an item of sentimental value. Along with the photos, creative text was encouraged to accompany each image. 

My project was to show unity and variety, a singular polyhedron composed of multiple facets. My images, on the left, are all polaroids, tangible objects that signify a moment in time. The first, my transportation image, is my feet. I greatly enjoy walking, and during my travels I often would wander, no set course. The second image is of my childhood pal, Dancer, my horse. Many years were spent together, rodeoing, Wrangler girls, herding cattle. My best memories are on a horse, and the most painful, from passing pals to broken bones. The text is tracing paper over a won buckle and my bling belt, all the rage when I was in that world. The final photo is a stack of comics, the academic field I have built my career around. All different, yet all a part of me.