July 27th, 2020

Over the weekend, I received a vintage tufting gun and thought I would try it out on a sample rug (below). I used a helm-weave, inspired by chainmail design, for the basic form and then filled in the background. It is 11"x14", a nice size perhaps for a back-patch, tote, or throw pillow.

On Sunday, I also participated in "Drawing Together: Graphic Medicine" via Zoom. It's a monthly drawing session hosted by the Graphic Medicine Organization, bringing together artists, creators, and healthcare workers from a variety of backgrounds. There was a brief warm-up session, and then a longer prompt, with ample time to share and discuss with the cohort. I find it very inspiring to have the opportunity to connect with the Comics Studies community from home--as long as I can remember the Zoom invite!

I also have been watching SDCC panels--what a treat! Despite some calling it a "dud" (iO9), I thought it was very insightful. The Cartoon Network storyboarding panel was fantastic, as well as the Coloring panels.